Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Deep Blue Sea

SF: I can't say I liked or enjoyed this film. It was nothing short of emotional turmoil. It was agongy to watch. This was probably Rachel Weisz's best ever performance. My heart was broke right along with Hester. Almost too well written. 8/10

50 Eggs: There's no genetically modified sharks in this so I'm not going to watch it. n/a

DonkeyB: Well I almost cried, which is not that unusual. I think Weisz will win the Bafta she is simply superb. Terence Davies deserves some major credit for adaptation and directing too. 8/10

Overall - 8/10

My Week With Marilyn

SF: Michelle Williams nailed Marilyn - her mannerism were perfect. I was a tad dubious about seeing this after watching the trailer and the fact that Eddie Redmayne (got to be a stage name) scares me really put me off, does no one else find him creepy? Anyway I found the film rather endearing, had a nice easy pace and didn't fall into the trappings of over blown tragic drama. All I need was a cup of coffee and a comfy sofa to curl up on. 6.5/10

50 Eggs: n/a

DonkeyB: Fluff but fun. 7/10

Overall - 6.75/10

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


SF: Another film that I normally would wait to watch on TV but found myself enjoying. I still know nothing about baseball but well executed. Only thing that bugs me is Phillip Seymour Hoffman is given top billing for doing nothing - all proper dues should go to Jonah Hill. 7/10

50 Eggs: It goes on and on but just manages not to outstay its welcome, and also accomplishes the not inconsiderable task of making baseball appear interesting. It's not going in my DVD collection, but its still a good 8/10.

DonkeyB: I love baseball, I've read Moneyball the book at least twice: I liked this film. It's too long though. 7/10

Overall - 7.333/10

The Help

SF: I didn't really know much about this film before it started so had no expectations. I found myself pleasantly surprised, within the opening scene I was intrigued and it kept my attention the whole way through. Just the right amount of humour and poignancy (a fine line to walk), certainly not the sentimentality I was expecting and never preaching. The performances were subtly brilliant especially Viola Davis. A well deserved 7/10
- have to add I loved Emma Stone's hair in this, what was supposed to be wrong with it?

50 Eggs: Started slowly for me, but when it eventually roused my interest I was hooked. The subject matter is dark, but there were a lot of laughs in this film, and one obvious stand-out moment that cant fail to make you chuckle. I'm suprised SF and DonkeyB gave such middling scores. I'm going for 8.5/10

DonkeyB: It was a bit TV movie of the week. There was the frequently parodied and commented upon phenomenon of us being asked to believe that Emma Stone is unattractive and has never been on a date and has uncontrollable hair. I know these things to be false because I saw her, only a few weeks ago, sweeping Ryan [if I was a woman I would] Gosling off his feet. It has Alison Janney in it, which if this review isn't tagged for someone should correct and therefore get an entire bonus mark. 6/10

Overall - 6.5

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


SF: I found Immortals underwhelming. Even though I'm suspending belief (and knowledge of Greek myths) I found the gaping plot holes hard to reconcile, the action good but not gripping and the characters flat at best. Wasn't all bad so an average 5/10

50 Eggs: Oh my God, how do scriptwriters get paid for coming up with plots that make no sense? Its very frustrating because I love the concept, love the depiction of the Greek Gods, and although the fight scenes didn't live up to its spiritual prequel 300, they are still balletic. But because its stupid I can only give it 6/10.

DonkeyB: Just to mess this up for 50 eggs I'm going to get my review in first. A man whistled carols on the tube from Baker Street to Piccadilly Circus. Seriously though, there was a lot to hate and not a lot to like. Where did they get all the petals from? Not one living plant on the whole world. Also I've been down a salt mine it don't look like that. 3/10

Overall - 4.67/10

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Ides of March

SF: Nice performances all round. The plot isn't anything new but well executed, the direction has just the right pace and each of the main characters develop well. However it felt more like a mini-series than a film. It ended and I was left thinking "great I'll watch the next part next week". Not sure if that is good or bad. Also (spolier) I felt nothing when Molly died, was I supposed to? 7/10

50 Eggs: Ye Gods, it doth amaze me! I had no expectations for this film and yet I loved it. Starts well and doesn't let up until the crescendo of the final frame. Ryan Gosling was excellent. Beware, the Ides of March is very good indeed. 9/10

DonkeyB: I really enjoyed this, right up my street to start with though. I have nothing interesting to add to fiddy and SF's reviews. 8/10

Overall - 8/10

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Three Musketeers

SF: I had fairly low expectations before seeing this, because I love the books, and most of the previous movies (yes even the 1993 version with little resemblance to the Novel). So this really didn't have to try all that hard to please me. Sadly this film was like watching Pantomime. I didn't know whether to cry or just walk out. Even worse is the crime of having brilliant actors like Mads Mikkelsen and Christoph Waltz with barely any screen time. Not to mention the awfulness of Flying ships. I honestly wish I'd walked out but I hoped and prayed it would get better. 2/10

50 Eggs: A hodge-podge of bad ideas and rip-off scenes. Three Musketeers got my back up early when it stole a scene directly from a Clint Eastward film, where Dartanian suggests that his horse is owed an apology when insulted by a ruffian. It's bare-faced cheek and I don't like it. There is some fun to be had with this but even as a Sunday afternoon easy watching film it's less than adequate. Stick with Dogtanion and the Three Muskahounds. 4/10

DonkeyB: n/a

Overall - 3/10

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We need to talk about Kevin

SF: Firstly must pretend I haven't read the book. The performances were nothing short of captivating. The pace and direction are perfect and even though I felt as if a year had passed - literally the film achieves everything it sets out to do. Not one you can really enjoy as such but a great movie nonetheless. 8/10

50 Eggs: The book is brilliantly harrowing but its format really doesn't lend itself to a screenplay, so the fact that this adaptation is largely successful is admirable. As good as it could have been, and that's a compliment. 8.5/10

DonkeyB: Deeply troubling, which I think is the point. Great use of music and colour palette. 9/10

Overall - 8.5/10