Wednesday, January 25, 2012

War Horse

SF: Either all the reviews lied or I missed something. This was slow paced and lacked any real emotional depth. The characters are pretty much introduced and then removed before you can blink and yet it somehow manages to be overly long. I'm not even sure I can believe this was a Spielberg. 5/10

50 Eggs: There were sobs and tears as the film finished at my cinema, which must mean I'm heartless as I remained largely unmoved. This is a fine movie, but it's quite slow and lacks the charm and ingenuity of the stage version. Also, its just a horse people. 6.5/10

DonkeyB: n/a

Overall: 5.75/10

Thursday, January 19, 2012


SF: Such a slow movie so don't expect constant action. All kudos to Gina Carano, I would not mess with her. The fights were nicely pulled off and the plot simple to follow but this left me with the same feelings as Hanna, a shoulder shrug and its alright. It might grow on me. 6.5/10

50 Eggs: Weird film. The lead actress is sexy and obviously talented, but the story is slow and some of the editing choices left me scratching my head. Music being played over and above sound affects, for example, just helped to keep me removed from what was going on. 4/10

DonkeyB: The woman is fit. Accurate fights, diverting. 7/10

Overall: 5.75/10

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Artist

SF: There were things I adored about this film and it was fantastically executed but for sone reason I got a tad bored. I have to point out the Jean Dujardin was fabulous and carried the entire movie. Also the silence didn't bother me at all. Good fun 7/10

50 Eggs: n/a

DonkeyB: First 20 mins utterly charming. Too long in the middle, felt unescessarily extended to fit in as many silent movie clich├ęs as possible 6.5/10

Overall: 6.75/10

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

SF: Yet another Mission Impossible, yet more crazy stunts, gun fights and lack of decent plot. Still this one was better than 2 (the most dire of all MI films) but alas can't top the pace of 3. Lots of good touches that keep you going and its nice to finally see some team work. 6.5/10.

50 Eggs: MI1 was, in my opinion, an absolute classic espionage film. There was never any danger of this reaching those heady heights, and so it proves with this hit and miss action/comedy film. Some scenes are great (infiltrating the Kremlin) whilst others fall flat (car chase in zero visibility dust storm?!). As SF said though, way better than MI2. 7/10

DonkeyB: n/a

Overall: 6.75/10