Monday, April 28, 2014

300: Rise of an Empire

SF: This offering is a pale shadow of its predecessor, the stylised visuals seem muted, which for me was half the appeal. The sea battle should be exciting but left me bored. I did enjoy the addition of another female lead, Eva Green does well to make such a clich├ęd character engaging. While it's very cinematic and has plenty to enjoy I just felt less invested in the film overall. Tad disappointed but not awful. 6/10

50 Eggs: I absolutely loved the original, a surefire 9/10, but this isn't in the same league. Gone is the propaganda storytelling that justified the exaggerations of the first, and so too is the strong underdog theme that meant you couldn't help but root for the 'good guys'. And though the action is bigger, the choreography is less balletic this time. Having said that Rise of an Empire is still a good watch with plenty to please the eye, not least Eva Greens slow motion boobs. On that subject, her character Artmesia is the best and most interesting thing about the film. Will be buying on DVD for the visuals. 7/10

DonkeyB: n/a

Overall: 6.5/10

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


SF: This film had the distinct impression of being derived from films like Dial M for Murder  and  Phone booth however lacks the tension and drama of either. Thankfully its only 85 mins long so at least this isn't dragged out. Also I think Tom Hardy is attempting a Welsh accent but I'm not sure and that is all I can say for his performance, which is a real shame as I normally am most impressed by him. Watch on TV if you really feel you have to but in my opinion not one to rush to see. 3/10


DonkeyB: The plaudits for the film are what made me go and see it. Its not good. If I was being cruel I would say; an inverted feature length Marion and Geoff without the pathos or humour, and I am, so I am. Get the Marion and Geoff box set and try to spot spot Fairwater baths, Ysgol Gyfun Plasmawr (big building yellow panels) etc in the background, much more fun and interesting. 4/10

Overall: 3.5/10